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What needs to go on my payslips?

Providing payslips with each pay is not a specific legal obligation for New Zealand employers, not unless you have included it in your employment agreements to provide.

Employees on the other hand have a legal right to view information on hourly rates (or salary), deductions and allowances, annual leave accrued, sick leave taken, time records and holiday entitlements so it is recommended that for the purposes of keeping your staff informed and happy in their employment, a pay day payslip is an essential tool.

It also allows the employee to better plan their holidays which in turn assists an employer to manage workloads.

Therefore, it is common practice for employers to provide a payslip.

A payslip needs to show the following to be a useful tool to both parties;

  • Employee’s name and IRD number
  • Hourly rate/annual salary
  • Pay period and pay date
  • Wages and salary for the pay period
  • Tax code
  • Deductions made for the employee (PAYE, student loan, Kiwisaver etc.)
  • Balance of leave
  • Balance of sick leave

If you use a payroll software or an intermediary service, like Flexipayroll, you will be able to customise your payslips with your company logo and show the leave balance details how you want to and include your email message when the employee receives it or add a special note. This makes the generation of payslips a lot less work and is good from the point of view of both parties.


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